In accordance with the proposal, the Annual Meeting of Linq Capital July 6, 2011 took the decision to offer shareholders the right to redeem shares at a maximum of 3 million SEK. The background to the offer is the company's sale of its VoIP business last year, under the brand name Sting Telecom, to Bahnhof and the company's subsequent new business focus to become a larger investment company.

Shareholders are offered the option to remain as shareholders in the new investment company in which the Board's aim is to increase shareholder value through proactive investments, or withdraw by which the company buys back shares at a valuation of the company's net asset value calculated on the basis of its assets minus debt and equity.

Shareholders who wish to remain as shareholders in Linq Capital do not need to do anything, and can leave this offer without further action.

Shareholders who do wish to sell their shares at the company's current calculated net asset value (NAV) 0.30 SEK per share must give instruction as explained below.

Linq Capital will after the repurchase, invest more proactively in 2012 and expand its portfolio investments. The company also intends to work to create a liquid share, as previously presented in the financial statements for 2010. Remaining shareholders will increase their percentage shareholding and ownership as the total shares in the company will be reduced by the repurchase and hopefully see the shares traded into a public marketplace when the market conditions can show a more positive trend.

For more information about this offer, please go to the "investor relation" tab and download the terms and conditions in Swedish or English.