The year 2014 was marked for Linq of great restraint. We have worked methodically to evaluate our existing portfolio and made no further major acquisitions during the year.

Some holdings have proved less successful of these 2/3d has been written down in value.

At the end of the year our position in a franchise based foodservice concept gained new conditions after a lengthy wait. After the licenser has decided to withdraw, Linq can now together with other investors come closer to the business through a new joint venture for the Swedish market.

Linqs holding in Bahnhof has for the fourth consecutive year, showned a positive trend with an increase in the share value of + 22% for the year 2014.

The focus for 2015 is to support our portfolio with management support and seek new business partners who can help to support the continued growth in these early stage and unlisted investments. A further positive development in the Bahnhof share-value provides us with additional flexibility to take a balanced risk for spreading out  our holding in more areas.

I welcome 2015 and we are constantly evaluating new opportunities even if the strategy remains to not rush into new things instead of taking small steps along the way and tho avoid major pitfalls.

Happy New 2015!

Mats Jäderberg
Chief Executive Officer