A heartfelt – thank you very much – for the trust to all of our shareholders which have invested money and patience in Linq Capital since 2011. As we move into 2014, I am proud to inform you that our last year greatly reached our expectations. Growth of our main assets with over 50% in the security market, still emerging from the shadows of recession is a positive outcome. 

We also acquired majority ownership in a Thailand based global franchise food service company we now restructuring for expansion in the European market. Our assets in a Swedish TV and live production company successfully doubled its revenues and sold over 30 000 tickets in own arena productions and produced TV shows to Swedish television channels like TV3, Kanal 5 and more. Also some of our smaller shareholdings are showing significant strength and growth.

However, it is has demonstrating that confidence in us from our founders and partnerships, made this possible. 

Linq Capital may still have a long road to travel until we can exit some of the main assets in our portfolio companies. 

Lastly,  as the value increases I have no doubt Linq Capital will occupy an increasingly create a valuable company in a few years as we continue to moving forward.

Again, thank you to all of our shareholders, customers and partners, for making 2013 such an exiting and value creating year. We look forward to continuing this journey with same intensity into 2014!

Mats Jäderberg
Chief Executive Officer