New technology is revolutionizing the restaurants and  food industry.

Linq Capital as part of its new business focus to increase its portfolio are glad to announce its acquire of new shares from a private placement in the swedish company Nitro Food AB, whose business is to manufacture frozen prepared meals for food service and restaurants, mainly from the Asian cuisine.

The company's founders have co founded the franchise concept Tasty Thai in Sweden and Australia. Other founders have any background in the food industry, international operations and corporate management.

Nitro food uses a patented freezing technology based on nitrogen (LIN), which allows restaurants to create menus with nutritious meals prepared in advance with both freshness and appearance is maintained. The technology also enable restaurants to minimize wastage by preparing themselves and where even the cooking time shortened considerably.       

Linq Capital has invested 1.2 million SEK and has taken a 20% ownership. In addition, Linq Capital is granted  two board seats. Mats Jäderberg has been behind the negotiating of the  investment terms in Nitro Food AB and has taken the role as interim CEO during the establishment phase to ensure logistics, processes and initial contacts with leading swedish wholesale companies.

"Many in the restaurant ant catering sector experiencing significant challenges to move its business around. There are long days because of all the preparations, hard to find skilled staff, while it is difficult to get a good profit. Nitro Foods fully developed concept allows the serving pre-composed frozen dishes, in which restaurants can drastically reduce the cooking time, reduce wastage and increase its existing range of menus. The investment gives us the opportunity to take part of the company's potential value increase, with a good balance between risk and opportunity. " concludes, Jäderberg.