We are pleased to announce that Linq Capital has after a successful Due Diligence decided to expand its portfolio into the rapidly growing Swedish video service for blogs, VideofyMe AB.

VideofyMe was founded April 2009 by Robert Mellberg and Oskar Glauser with the goal to build the smartest and easiest to use video service for blogs and websites globally. In 2010 Almi Invest became the third largest investor in the company to support further expansion globally.

Advertising is important for independent bloggers as it is so far one of the biggest revenue sources for them. VideofyMe, a Sweden-based start-up, is trying to serve that need by helping independent bloggers monetize their original video content. With their service bloggers can create videos in browser and on the go with their iPhones-, Android app, easily publish those videos to Facebook or Twitter and earn some money from pre-roll ads that VideofyMe provides. 

 Since their launch VideofyMe received quite a lot of traction. They boast over 55,000 independent bloggers among their users, the most popular of whom earn as much as $7,000 per month through the service. Unlike bigger players on the market like YouTube, which only shares ad revenue through invites with the most popular contributors, VideofyMe shares half of the ad revenue from each pre-roll with all content-creators. 

For advertisers the service offers a reach out to the young audience and the impact of TV advertising in social media. In return VideofyMe charge an average of 15€ CPM in Sweden (rates vary from market to market). Their biggest advertisers in Sweden include  telecom companies like Telia, Halebop, Sony Ericsson, Tre and consumer brands like Subway, Gilette and Puma.

The company is now looking internationally to expand their reach and diversify their operations with advertisers. As Oskar Glauser, founder and COO, shared: 'Our global strategy is to work with both sales networks like Smartclip, Specific Media and Brightroll as well as with local partners like blog networks who can sell premium advertising on their own inventory.' Such deal has been finalized in Spain and negotiations are going on with partners in Germany, Italy, Denmark and the US. 
VideofyMe works with thousands of blogs and websites who wants a free and easy to use but high quality solution for their video needs. Through a sophisticated advertising platforms, users of VideofyMe can create, publish their own video content on their blogs and at the same time make money from advertisers who's wish to be part of their audiance.

VideofyMe have all the features you would expect from a high quality video service as well as some unique functionality like the instant publisher and the web recorder with prompter functionality.Today VideofyMe users videos have been shown more the 80 million times.  The company´s mission is to Empower talents and bloggers to create and share video stories on multiple platforms and integrate sold advertising into the video content to be shared with it´s users. 
We have been following the company for a while and I strongly believe in the uniqe service VideofyMe have created for bloggers in combination of pre sold advertising to be displayed in the millions of uploaded videos. When VideofyMe continues to grow its user base as we can see is happening right now, they will be able to increase their revenues significant from global advertising campaigns and work with an expanding demand of premium advertisers in strategical markets, says Mats Jäderberg, CEO of Linq Capital