The buy back of shares in Linq Capital has been completed. A total of 3,063,400 shares were redeemed and just under 50 shareholders signed up. This means that the total issued shares will be reduced to 19,132,600 (-13,8%). 

The Board will now focus on increasing the company's value to its remaining shareholders and continuing its best efforts to create a liquid share or alternative exit when market conditions and future goals are favourable.

Shareholders who chose to sell their shares back to Linq Capital should ask for local tax advice in their own country as to the possibility of declaring the loss against future income tax.

Mats Jäderberg, acting CEO says. "I am glad the company has been able to keep its earlier promise to find a "best alternative" to an exit through the redemption of shares that is now completed. Unfortunately, we all know that market conditions in 2011 were not playing into our hands, but this promise gave at least a handful shareholders the possibility to exit and get some money out.

From my understanding the group of shareholders who redeemed their shares should have a good chance of claiming back some money from their losses made on the shares . The size and terms of any allowable tax deduction might be different from country to country but this is normally accepted by the tax authorities for the 2012 tax declaration."