Bahnhof company presentation Video

Bahnhof is a Swedish Internet service provider that sells data and broadband services to residential and business markets. The company has a large and growing sales volume with good profitability.

The company is listed on the Swedish Aktietorget exchange and are planning to move to the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm stock exchange.

Linq Capital owns 359,513 shares in Bahnhof AB.



Bahnhof in brief


Bahnhof is a Swedish Internet  service provider that sells data and broadband services to residential and business markets. The company's mission is to provide price leading computer and network services to customers with the highest standards of performance and technical reliability.


Bahnhof is a pioneer in the Internet market in Sweden. The company started offering commercial Internet connections in 1994. While most telecom operators and ISPs got carried away with the euphoria that prevailed during the IT-hype in the late 1990s, Bahnhof continued to build their business on sound business principles at a stable rate. When the dot-com bubble burst and other operators had problems, Bahnhof took advantage of the opportunity to buy a Swedish fiber network at a good price, which is why today Bahnhof is one of the few operators that own their own fiber network.

Bahnhof's market

In the consumer market, Bahnhof is Sweden's largest broadband operator in open city networks An open city network is a broadband network built by a company, often in municipal management, which is then open to all operators to use. In the third quarter of 2010 Bahnhof grew by an additional 6,000 customers. In addition to broadband, Bahnhof also sells TV and telephony, often in the form of attractive package deals for customers purchasing multiple services.

Bahnhof is also a major player in the corporate market. It offers powerful Internet connections, telephony, co-location and leased servers. As indicated above Bahnhof also owns its own fiber network in Sweden, something that only a few of the Nordic telecom giants can boast.

Expansion abroad

Bahnhof has plans to gradually expand in Europe. The first step Bahnhof took was to start offering broadband services in Norway. That business is managed from the Stockholm office.

This was was followed recently by the decision to establish a subsidiary in Portugal. Sweden is the leading country in the world for open city networks, having started the development 10 years ago and this trend is now spreading in Europe, as the old telecom incumbents' monopoly positions are breaking up. As Sweden's largest operator in open city networks, Bahnhof has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience, that gives them an advantage in new markets. A number of Swedish authorities, including the Swedish Trade Council, have assisted Bahnhof in establishing their new business in Portugal.

Sales, profits and targets

Bahnhof's sales are growing steadily, and are showing a healthy profit margin. During the third quarter of 2010 Bahnhof had sales of SEK 61 million, pre tax earnings of SEK 6.5 million, post tax earnings of SEK4.8 million, with EBITDA of 9.5 million. It is worth noting that Bahnhof's profit during the quarter was somewhat constrained as the company made larger than normal investments during the period. The numbers speak for themselves - Bahnhof is a strong, growing company that knows how to make a profit.

Bahnhof has also set itself the strategic goal to achieve SEK500 million in turnover, with a net margin of 10%, by the end of 2012.

Listed company with an eye on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

Since the end of 2007, Bahnhof has been listed on the Swedish Aktietorget exchange, a market for smaller growth companies where today 130 companies are listed. According to an announcement in early 2010 Bahnhof plans to move its listing to the Stockholm Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Nordic Stockholm).